Indigo Support for Pronto 3780

April 22, 2011 – Stanford released Indigo OpenFlow source support for Pronto 3780. This extends Indigo’s program to a 10GE platform.

From the OpenFlow Hub Forum:

Announcing the release of indigo-2011.04.20 for the Pronto 3780. The Pronto 3780 is a 48 x 10-gig switch based on Broadcom 56840 silicon. The system architecture is very similar to the Pronto 3290 with a 2 GB CF card providing a large and flexible root file system.

This is a preliminary release with limited testing. Please read over the release notes before installing.

You can download the image from the OpenFlow Hub website:

If you have a chance to download and sanity check this release, please let me know.

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