Announce OVS Support

Pronto Systems announced it would be adding Open vSwitch (OVS) to its Open Switch Software Architecture (OSSA) suite.

Open vSwitch is a production quality, multilayer virtual switch licensed under the open source Apache 2.0 license.  It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmatic extension, while still supporting standard management interfaces and protocols.

Pronto has completed the integration of OVS 1.1.1 into OSSA 1.3 image. After booting up Pronto OSSA 1.3, users will be prompted,

Please choose which to start:
(Will choose default entry if no input in 5 seconds.)
[1] Pica8 XorPlus * default
[2] OpenFlow
[3] Open vSwitch
[4] System shell
[5] Change the default setting
Enter your choice (1-5):

The ported OVS code uses Pica8 Driver to configure and control the switch chips. While the Pica8 Driver is encapsulated with Pica8 API and released as a binary driver, the ported OVS stack on top of the driver is completely open sourced. Users can request the source code of OVS from Pronto Systems.

Why Does it Matter?

Open vSwitch (OVS) is one of the most popular open source implementation of OpenFlow 1.0.  OVS is the default virtual switch of Citrix Xenserver (project Boston). It is also integrated into OpenStack and Open Nebula Project.  The code has also been ported to a few ASIC based switches, but unfortunately none of them is open sourced.

By porting OVS to OSSA, we provide both the source and production-ready binary to researchers, developers, and administrators. This, we hope, will help the R&D community to continue enhancing the features and performance of the OVS switches.

Release Note

Here is the release note of the OVS port.

In Xorplus release 1.3, the Open vSwitch (OVS) is ported from openvswitch-7fb563b.tar.gz of master OVS branch.

This OVS module can be remotely controlled through ovsdb-server running on a different Linux platform (but users need to make sure the version of ovsdb-server is compatible to this OVS branch). When using ovsdb-server to control this OVS on Pronto switches, users need to configure the type of netdev and datapath as “pronto”.

For instance,

ovs-vsctl –db=tcp: add-br br0

ovs-vsctl –db=tcp: set bridge br0 datapath_type=pronto

ovs-vsctl –db=tcp: add-port br0 ge-1/1/2 — set Interface ge-1/1/2 type=pronto

ovs-vsctl –db=tcp: add-port br0 ge-1/1/3 — set Interface ge-1/1/3 type=pronto

Known issues of Pronto OVS in this release,

1. The following actions are not yet supported:









2. Qos and queue for port config, and flow match of tunnel id are not implemented.

Source code distribution

The source code of the Pronto OVS is available through email request. Please send your request to


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