Pica8 + Pronto = Open Network Platform

I am glad to announce we finally complete the merge of Pica8 and Pronto. Starting from Feb 1, 2012, the merged company is named PICA8 Inc. Pronto will become PICA8’s brand name.

A simple way to explain this is to use Cisco as an example. Cisco is the company. Catalyst is the brand name, and IOS is the software. In PICA8’s case, PICA8 is the company. Pronto is the brand name, and XORPlus is the software.

We are excited about the combination of the open software and the open platform, and look forward to changing the network industry in the next a couple of years.

For more information about PICA8, please visit our web site at http://www.pica8.com.


About James Liao
James is a data center architect, focusing on the scalability and operation of data center infrastructure.

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